“Expose children to an array of instruments”

My child has taken lessons for nearly two years and has enjoyed various classes offered at the studio.  Recitals also offer students the chance to see their peers perform at various levels and expose them to an array of instruments, small ensembles, and styles of music. During our interactions with several instructors, the talents of each instructor working with children has been obvious.

Ann, daughter enrolled in violin lessons (Baton Rouge, LA)

"My instructor was meant just for me"

I have had the pleasure of being taught by several instructors at Grace Notes.  My current instructor was meant just for me!  She is patient, encouraging, and inspires me to achieve my personal best.  She is representative of a studio that provides well-rounded instruction that progresses at a rate that supports and challenges the student.An added benefit of being part of GNMS is that I have been able to play in various groups ranging from small ensembles to larger orchestral gatherings. The resultant friendships have enriched my enjoyment of music.  There are more quality offerings from Grace Notes than one person has time to participate in!  Musicians of any age or stage can find a place to improve on their current instrument or learn (or purchase) a new one. The energy and organization here is exceptional and professional--it is truly a worthwhile place to pursue a love of music. 

Marguerite (Baton Rouge, LA)

I like taking music lessons at Grace Notes Studio, because I love my teachers. They challenge me to succeed in piano performance and composition. Mrs. Elisa is very funny and encouraging. When I mess up she helps me fix it. Mr. Corey helps me understand musical composition, notes and rhythms. He plans special surprises for me when I reach a goal.

—  Lauryl, age 10. 2016


“Grace Notes gave me the opportunity to pursue my goal”

As an adult, there is a degree of hesitation when it comes to going back to "school" in any form, especially when students and teachers are much younger. However, Grace Notes has given me the special opportunity to pursue my goal of learning to play the cello as a mature adult. The school is very welcoming and offers an exceptional standard. I started with Grace Notes as little more than a raw beginner and after only six months I am now playing pieces that I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting for years. My wonderful teacher pushes me perfectly and provides quality support and direction at every step. — Lesley, private strings student

“Instructors are highly educated”

My children have studied at Grace Notes Music Studio for over eight years receiving priceless quality, musical instruction with various instruments. The instructors are highly educated (most with master and doctorate degrees) also teaching at local universities as well. The instructors have a strong, base method in their musical approach to instruction combined with their unusual ability to customize to teach child's individual needs and abilities. The studio is an irreplaceable joy and enrichment in my children's lives. — Heidi, a parent 2016


"Constantly impress with teaching material and recitals"

My young sons have been taking piano with Elisa at Grace Notes for over a year now. She has been an absolute joy. I am constantly impressed with the material she is teaching. Elisa has established a wonderful rapport with the children. She is always cheerful, flexible, and is so talented. The piano recitals we have participated in have been very enjoyable as well. Our family feels fortunate to call her both teacher and friend. Emily, a parent

"Playing music a gift, but even better when shared"

The adult group strings class at Grace Notes is so much fun. Playing music is a gift, but one that is even better when shared. Aside from learning to play great music in an ensemble, guided by gentle and talented leaders, we also get to meet new people and have a few chuckles along the way

—  Lesley, adult group strings ensemble