At Grace Notes School of Music, we believe that performing is an integral part of each student's musical journey. Recitals give musicians a tangible goal that encourages hard work for musical growth. At Grace Notes we offer a recital showcase at the end of each session, and each student having studied for at least a year is invited to participate. Taking part in these performances will expose younger students to more advanced playing that will inspire them with what they could accomplish. These experiences can  also help foster an  inward confidence that will resonate through other facets of their lives.

Our group classes perform different musical programs that are prepared throughout the year. Some of these opportunities take the form of service concerts in which we give back to our city by performing for older retirement communities where the audience would not necessarily be able to travel to our regular performing venues. Learning new pieces each session and playing music together each week has knitted these ensembles into a small music community of good friends and colleagues.