Darko Varga

Piano Instructor

DarkoVarga (1987) has been performing since the age of nine. He has performed as a pianist in many cities of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Czech Republic and USA. He performed in World Premiere performance of Johann Georg Lickl’s C major Mass for choir and orchestra. Varga is an avid chamber musician participating in various chamber ensembles. He is actively a member of an ensemble for piano and two saxophones “Qualia”, and has been performing with opera singers Dean Peterson and Birgit Fioravante, and violinist Gareth Johnson.

His principle teachers include: Ninoslav Zivkovic, Maria Szekely, Dr. Edward Turgeon, Dr. Heather Coltman and Michael Gurt. Varga worked with prominent musicians from many countries: Vladimir Krainev, Jovanka Banjac, Nador Gyorgy, Naum Starkman, Rita Kinka, Aleksandar Madzar, Ayako Tsuruta, Peter Miyamoto, Wei-Yi Yang, Eugen Indjic, Eric Heidsieck, Jean Francois Antonioli, Ann Louise-Turgeon, Joseph Gurt, Michael Gurt, Jonathan Biss and others.

In 2012, Varga won Concerto and Aria Competition at FAU, represented FAU at George Mason University in Washington D.C, in Bonnet House Museum in Fort Lauderdale and Steinway Gallery in Boca Raton.

Awards and prizes at piano competitions include: First prize at National Competition of Serbia, Usti nad Labem First prize and Absolute winner prize, Second prize at “Isidor Bajic Piano Memorial”, Third prize at “Carl Czerny” piano competition Prague, First prize of Piano Competition EPTA Belgium (Namur). He received “Dr.FerencBodrogvari Award” for exceptional cultural achievement in Serbia (2004).

Working experience includes: Full-time piano teacher at “Stevan Hristic” School of Music in Serbia, where he taught students majoring in piano as well as secondary piano, and church choir accompanying (Serbia and USA). 

Varga obtained his undergraduate degree from Belgrade Music Academy (former Yugoslavia) with a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance (2010), and a Master’s degree in piano performance at Florida Atlantic University (2014), where he was hired as a teaching assistant. In addition to maintain a private piano studio, Varga was on the faculty of FAU’s Teaching Outstanding PerformerS (TOPS).

Varga is currently pursuing Doctorate in piano performance at the LSU School of music in Baton Rouge in the studio of pianist Michael Gurt, where he is hired as a Graduate assistant.