Corey Knoll

Music Theory and Composition Instructor

Composer J. Corey Knoll was born in Clarksburg, WV in 1979. He has been awarded degrees in Music Composition and Theory from Marshall University, where he studied with John Allemeier and Marshall Onofrio, and Bowling Green State University, where he studied with Marilyn Shrude, Burton Beerman, Elanie Lilliios, and Mikel Kuehn.  Knoll is currently working toward a PhD in Music Composition at Louisiana State University under Stephen David Beck. While at LSU, Knoll has also studied with Dinos Constantinides and Jesse Allison. 

Currently his musical interests lie in the study of pitch hierarchies, timbral acoustics, and the live performance of electroacoustic music. He is also a member of both the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana (LOLs), a live computer music ensemble at LSU and the Three Computeers (3cs), a live improvisatory trio.

Knoll also studied in Florence, Italy, where he received several premiers and performances. He has been premiered across the USA, in Paris, and in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Knoll has taught or assisted in several university-level classes. These include Basic Musicianship and Music Theory while at Bowling Green State University, and Intro to Computer Music and Computer Music I at Louisiana State University. Knoll has also taught lessons privately in music theory and composition.